Whiting Hackle Light Tan Dun

Whiting Farms Hebert Miner Light Tan Dun Capes and Saddles

Combine the color tan with a little grey and you get light tan dun. This color is sometimes found with badger like markings with the list being a darker shade of tan dun then the outer tan dun. Light tan dun merges into medium brown dun and is on the fringes of light ginger dun, light grey dun, pale watery dun, medium grey dun and brown grey dun. Darker light tan dun can be suitable for the famed Light Hendrickson dry fly pattern. Light Tan Dun is also good for tying PMDs and PWD's as well.

We inspect every Whiting hackle cape & saddle, then size them and then take high-resolution photos in natural light to ensure you are seeing exactly what you are buying. Since from bird to bird the colors may vary (as well as dyed colors) we show all of our in-stock Whiting capes and saddle below for you to chose the exact one that best meets your needs. (Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image.)