Whiting Hackle Dark Barred Ginger

Whiting Dark Barred Ginger Hackle Capes & Saddles

This is one of the most sought after colors. Generally these feathers have a light to medium ginger color barred with a dark ginger to "red" color and sometimes a dark brown color mixed in. As with most barred feathers there is quite a lot of variation here, with sometimes the lighter color being dominant or the darker color being dominant. Another color variation found in this color is that the light fades into the darker color only to repeat the color cycle repeatedly to the end of the feather. This color can be very close to cree. As a matter of fact the best way to achieve a color substitution for cree is by using a dark barred ginger hackle and blending it with a grizzly hackle as you would do when combining brown and grizzly hackle when tying the Adams. All the photos are of the actual cape or saddle we have in stock.

We inspect every Whiting hackle cape & saddle, then size them and then take high-resolution photos in natural light to ensure you are seeing exactly what you are buying. Since from bird to bird the colors may vary (as well as dyed colors) we show all of our in-stock Whiting capes and saddle below for you to chose the exact one that best meets your needs. (Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image.)