Whiting Hackle Coq de Leon Grizzly Variant

Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Grizzly Variant Hackle Capes and Saddles

We are really excited about Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Grizzly Capes and Saddles Series. Whether it be Grizzly, Grizzly Variant, or Grizzly Pardo they are beautiful and filling a long empty void for fly tyers. While it has been a long time coming, it sure was worth the wait. These capes and saddles are great for tailing and hackling large flies. Grizzly Variant with it's complex and multiple color variations allow the tyer to have several varieties of colors on one pelt.Decent Grizzly tailing material has always been difficult to obtain , especially for larger flies.  Whiting Farms has solved the problem with Coq De Leon Grizzly Variant hackle while also supplying the tyer with other color options, Natuarl Dun being one of them.. Tired of your drowning  Parachute Hoppers and Hex's? Sure you can soak it in floatant but it won't take long to sink again. Size 6 to 10 Parachutes will now be properly hackled and will keep your large bugs on top of the water where they belong.

Each cape or saddle has been photographed so that you can see what you are purchasing. 


We inspect every Whiting hackle cape & saddle, then size them and then take high-resolution photos in natural light to ensure you are seeing exactly what you are buying. Since from bird to bird the colors may vary (as well as dyed colors) we show all of our in-stock Whiting capes and saddle below for you to chose the exact one that best meets your needs. (Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image.)